Weight Loss

Why You are Struggling to Lose Weight

A large part of the US population is either overweight or obese. At least half of the adults are trying to eat healthy…

Food and Diet

5 Diet Beliefs That Work Against You

Sometimes we adopt certain beliefs from our relatives, friends, and/or society. And we start living by these beliefs, and they become our reality.…

Creating Goals

Today is The Tomorrow You Talked About Yesterday

Oftentimes, we are deceiving ourselves by “feeding lies” to our minds. Can you think of the times you have said to yourself something…

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is Not a Physical Challenge; It’s a Mental One

Have you ever thought about why so many people are struggling to stop harmful and destructive habits? What often happens is someone temporarily…

Weight Loss

It’s Not a Diet. It’s Not a Phase. It’s a Permanent Lifestyle Change.

Many people, who know me for a few years now, have a hard time believing that I used to be overweight. And when…

Weight Loss

I Am Not Losing Weight, I Am Getting Rid of It

  How many times have you seen a commercial or were approached by someone who stated that they will help you lose weight?…


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