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Humans possess this priceless ability to analyze and choose. (Not everyone is using it though 🙂 ) Almost always we have a choice in life. When we choose something – we make a decision. And we make our decisions based on what our values are and what is important to us.

At certain times we carefully measure all pros and cons before making a decision. At other times, we don’t analyze much and make a decision based on short term pleasure. And by pleasure I mean anything that feels good in the moment, even though it might not feel good afterward.

And sometimes it can be more challenging to make certain decisions. I am sure all of you know people who are great at decision making, and others who are struggling. And this is not something you either have or don’t have.

Decision making is a skill. A process of making a decision can be drastically improved if you know the rules.

You need to know:

  • What will be the outcome of each decision
  • What will be the consequences for each outcome

Now you can choose the option that will meet your desired outcomes and needs. If you are not comfortable with decision making, I would suggest practicing and make this process enjoyable.

Learn to make a decision, choose for yourself! Because if you don’t someone else will, and it will not always be in your best interest.


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