Stress Management

Reduce Stress in 60 Seconds

I am going to show you a quick and easy way to reduce stress in 60 seconds. It will be a breathing exercise.…


How to break the addiction to negative thoughts?

  My husband called me the other day and asked me: “How do I break the pattern of negative thoughts? I am driving…


Natural Immune Booster

  Hello Everyone, I would like to talk to you regarding something that soothes tension, strengthens your immune system, relieves pain, improves your…

Dealing with Bad Habits

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Some people think that they are not very good storytellers, that it is not their thing. When they are relaying some information, they…


Overcoming Anxiety – 2

To give you a brief overview of last week’s discussion, I started telling you about my personal experience with anxiety; the symptoms that…


Overcoming Anxiety – 1

There is another very important topic I would like to discuss prior to us going into specific behavior changes. And that is anxiety.…


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