Dealing with Bad Habits

How to Break Free from Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk drastically impacts the quality of our lives. Whether you acknowledge it or not, during those bursts of negativity, every single word…

Food and Diet

How Do I Know a Diet Works for Me?

I have been asked this question so often that I thought you would benefit from me talking about it publicly. And the question…

Planning Your Life

Is it possible to have a better work-life balance?

Nowadays, more and more people work from home, which can be a disaster, but it can also be a blessing. I was one…

Weight Loss

Today is The Tomorrow You Talked About Yesterday

Oftentimes, we are deceiving ourselves by “feeding lies” to our minds. Can you think of the times you have said to yourself something…

Weight Loss

I need to lose weight but l like food!

“I need to lose weight but l like food…” I have heard this so many times. Is there anyone who doesn't like food?…


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