The Future Can be Better than the Present, and I Have the Power to Make it So

  At times it seems that everything that could go wrong - just did. And we are adding on to this by telling…

Breaking Limits

Your Only Limit is You

  At times, some of us are trying to figure why don’t we have the body we want; why don’t we earn more…


How to break the addiction to negative thoughts?

  My husband called me the other day and asked me: “How do I break the pattern of negative thoughts? I am driving…

Breaking Limits

The Power of Cold Showers

  I have always known that cold showers are beneficial. But only recently I found out about all the advantages. By implementing cold…

Breaking Limits

Believe in Yourself

  There were numerous times in my life when I wanted to try something new or start something new, but my inner voice…


Natural Immune Booster

  Hello Everyone, I would like to talk to you regarding something that soothes tension, strengthens your immune system, relieves pain, improves your…


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