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Do you need to lose weight? Do you need to heal your relationship with food? If yes, what are your reasons for it?

This is the first question I ask my clients in my weight loss program. And the most common answers I hear are:

  • “To stop the pain…”
  • “I don’t want to suffer anymore..”
  • “So I look great…”
  • “To feel good…”
  • “To be healthy…”
  • “To improve my relationships…”

And one of the reasons that is very often overlooked that one of my clients mentioned the other day is: “My goal is to lose weight, so my whole family will become healthy”. When you take care of your wellness, it creates a ripple effect. Can you think of all the people that will benefit from you taking care of yourself? How are you going to be able to give to others that you weren’t able to before?

To know your Why’s is the key to your success. Find all the precious reasons you can, and that will keep you going and motivated to achieve your goals.

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